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invites you to a journey of self-awareness, self-empowerment, and self-realization.

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Following in the footsteps of the masters of Buddhist meditation and spiritual growth that have passed before us, we take you through the true path of spiritual freedom and nourishment. Our guidance and training will help you truly become the best version of yourself – a fulfilled individual who is learning to master their conscious and subconscious minds equally

adopting the Buddhist way of spiritual growth

Buddhism – and its associated ideals of spiritual growth – are sophisticated and require an enlightened teacher or coach’s guidance to initiate one in the ways of this ancient belief system. At OPANAIKA, we deliver this guidance through a principled, well-structured spiritual coaching program that allows you to adopt Buddhist meditation and reap its rewards in your everyday life.

7 principal components of our Buddhist spiritual training

use our free-to-download workbook to complete program objectives.

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  1. Achieve true self-empowerment and sustainability;

  2. Learn the truth of life as it is;

  3. Learn to let go of stress, worries, and burdens that were accumulated through your life;

  4. Cultivate love, compassion and equanimity;

  5. Achieve inner peace, happiness, wisdom, and clarity through meditation;

  6. Learn to solve day-to-day problems with Buddhist wisdom; and

  7. Learn to end the suffering permanently.

These 7 core training goals are for you to:


What sets our buddhist life coaching apart

  1. I am committed to bringing the fruits of Buddhist meditation and life coaching to all our trainees, regardless of their age or occupation, our approach to spiritual training is rooted into a much deeper sense of authenticity than available in other apparently similar programs.

  2. We enable our program participants to meditate in any place without the support of any music or mobile app. Instead, they can tap into their inner wealth and discover new streams of possibilities during meditation.

  3. Our trainees experience deep stillness and various deep aspects of Buddhist meditation, such as Samadhi and Jahana, from the very first day using our precise guidance and instructions. It allows them to not just meditate passively but rather take control of their mind and open doors to new changes, thus reshaping their life.

  4. What we promise with our personalized life and spiritual coaching program, you will:

  • Learn to reduce stress and health related risks in life;

  • Unlock your potential in every aspect of your life – become more and do more (including at work);

  • Be more attentive to the needs of your family and in the company of friends;

  • Pursue a more meaningful life that leads to true happiness and fulfilment; and

  • Adopt a lifestyle that gives due importance to self-care.

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Basics of Buddhism

It’s been a long time coming, but the wait is finally over. Basics of Buddhism the workbook to guide you in the path to freedom based on original principles touched by Lord Buddha for final salvation

this work book is based The four noble truth and noble eight fold path. it can be used to develop wisdom which empower you to understand the BIG PICTURE of life, set sustainable goals and solve day today life problems.


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There is nothing to stop you, This is a spiritual practice. No money no problem. You pay what you can. Let me guide you through the journey to success, fulfillment and the freedom.

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Story of Bodhaka

Helping You Move Forward

Since he was young, Bodhaka has been experimenting with his thoughts and trying to understand the intricacies of his mind. Before even turning nine, has was already meditating with his grandfather and practising Anapanasathi Bawana and Mettha Bawana. As he grew up, he went to different Buddhist meditation teachers for guidance. He eventually learned and Sathipattana sutta  and master the practise of Mindfulness ( Kayanupassana, wedananupassana, Chithanu passana, Dammanu passana  and Chithanupassana)

Eventually he  mastered over 40 different Buddhist meditation techniques and develop skills experience in teaching others

He also hold Graduate Diploma of Management and Master of Information System from Central Queensland University Australia.

At the age of 23, he came to Australia in 1999, eager to learn and practice Kundalini yoga and Chinese Chi Kung. He joined an Eckankar group as well. In the course of time, he got fascinated with modern-day personal development and self-help practices. By then, he was practising affirmation and self-hypnosis as well as experimenting with his unconscious mind. Sadly, he lost himself in the process of doing many things.

He went back to Sri Lanka in 2008 to do some soul-searching and to find himself. In time, he organised and created personal development products using his own experience and other forms of learning. He spent almost nine years in this venture which include putting together training programs.

Everyone has their own self-development journey. Bodhaka’s dream is to help you traverse your own while avoiding costly mistakes.

Since 2009, He has been working as a  Life & business turnaround Coaching Professional who specializes in helping people cope with their personal and business issues.

"I coach my clients in a way that facilitate inner growth and awakened to true wisdom.

The Buddist spiritual coaching program I developed was so successful that friends and family began asking me for help with their own challenges. This motivated me to turn my newfound passion into a full-time career. If you have any questions about my methods, or would like to schedule a consultation, please get in touch today.

Currently involved in Social, cultural transformation in Sri Lanka using Buddhist Wisdom which was undermined and not been used to solve practical problems.